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Kawaii Potato VS Derpy Potato by LockYourHeart
Kawaii Potato VS Derpy Potato
This was made with me and my best friend irl TEWWIANNNNN! Jk Its Terrian .n. AAAAAAAAAAAAY DEEZ NUTZ

Kawaii Potato (c) Me/:iconlockyourheart:

Derpy Potato (c) Terrian Toy Chica Five Nights in Anime Nick Wilde chat icon Markiplier Munching Imaginary Popcorn - Emoticon Lewis caming 4 u Really Good .... Michael Rosen Chat Icon The Dancing Pimp (chat Icon) Purple Guy's Happy Walk Emoticon Coming In! Choo Choo! (chat Icon) Misha *squeal* ~ Free to use! Toads Screaming Icon Dog face FnaF Icon [41] - Staring Contest You Are So Dumb Emote John De Lancie Shocked Face icon sam dean  winchester shocked emoticon Mario Swag 2 Icon Smiley Baekhyun FNAF2 Jumpscare Ciel - THIS. IS. MY. EEEEYYYEEE! Lenny chat emote (Reupload) Lockjaw TRTF3 Twitchy (Possessed) Nightmare Foxy (emote) Purple Freddy pixel icon tay benny!!!!!! 
Love Lasts A Lifetime ...::JacksonxEmerald::... by LockYourHeart
Love Lasts A Lifetime ...::JacksonxEmerald::...
RAWRWARWAR LOVE THIS SHIP <3333333 Love these two ;w; My wittle babies <3

:iconrainbow-senpaii: <--- emerald is her bootyful charrie <3

Emerald (c) :iconrainbow-senpaii:

Jackson (c) :iconlockyourheart:
SURVIVE THE NIGHT! ...::FNAF 2::... by LockYourHeart
HEEEYYYY Do you guys like my new style? owo I'm wearing the pikachu sweater my boyfriend bought me <3
Toy Bonnie has ALWAYS been my favorite~! <3
He's pretty badass, And I always thought of him as the main character since hes always in the trailers AND Scott said he was the scariest to him. I just love the way he looks lol.

Well there it is. Eeee~! I drew this on MS paint on an REALLY old computer;; But yeah. Blegh. xDtoy bonnie Fnaf 2 toy bonnie [FNaF 2] Old toy Bonnie Fnaf 2 FNAF2 Toy Bonnie Bunny Golden Bonnie -Five Nights At Freddy 3 

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - Toy Bonnie - Icon GIF 
Jackson The Four Tailed Wolf ...::Old OC!::... by LockYourHeart
Jackson The Four Tailed Wolf ...::Old OC!::...
Hey guys! Woah, This is an old character. ._. I re-designed him. I recently found my old friend :iconrainbow-senpaii: ;D
Anyway, This is Jackson. He's currently dating :iconrainbow-senpaii:'s character, Emerald...~! x3...~! God, I missed you...~! ;-;...~!

Hope you like him! Lol. He'd been through a lot as you can see...He's kinda beat up and shit. You can find a picture of him in my old gallery, :iconrose32007:

Well, Thanks~!

Jackson (C) :iconlockyourheart:/Me/Charlene
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Don't Stop. -Inner Party System-
Hey guys. How are you doing? Sorry for lack of art. My computer broke and I have to use other peoples computers to check DA. I can't afford a new computer so it may take a year or two to get one.

Well I got Christmas gifts.

Hot Topic - Doge Shirt, Pink teeshirt with pink leters and a rainbow that says 'Death Metal', Two Panic!At the Disco shirts (One with the name and one that says 'If you love me, Let me go!'
Black and white checkered suspenders, A candy skull Jack skellington pin, An olaf pin that says 'I like warm hugs', A 'Music is life' pin, A How I met your mother' pin ( Barney ftw<3 ), Another pin but it's all the way over there...;-; -Points to Beanie across the room.-
A purple and black Beanie, A Pikachu sweater (From my boyfriend <3 ), A charmander bracelet, (Also from my BF), Two pairs of 12g Gauges. I got a drawing tablet from bestbuy but my computer died </3

Black Butler Fleece blanket, An Totoro shirt with the AT characters,

( Most are from my mom! <3 )
( The first time I got a lot of Christmas presents )

Pet Peeves (Random )
One of my pet peeves is when you bring a friend into a fandom and they learn more about it than you do and just brag about how much they know about it. -.-' Then they get a whole bunch of stuff relating to it. It makes me feel less of myself. Eugh... -Sigh.- Whatever...Not my fault I can't afford anything so why complain... -Sigh.-...



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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
What I Want Some One To Draw For Me When I Get Points =

A Drawing of Cryotic, Pewdiepie, Len Kagamine, An Enderman, Accelerator from A Certain Magical Index, Pom from Pom Get's Wi-fi, Jeff The Killer, Shadow The Hedgehog,Dave Strider, Sora from Kingdom Hearts, MewTew, Death The Kid, Link from Legend Of Zelda, Marshall Lee,Yoshi and Luigi, Canada from Hetalia, Gaara from Naruto, Pluto and Ciel from Black Butler,The Hitachiin twins from Ouran Highschool Host club, And Braeburn from My Little pony Behind me in a big room while I draw on my tablet.

Mother: None.

Father: None.

Brothers: :iconsonicjasper20th::icongeothewolf:

Sisters: :iconsonicstar4453::iconsammythedoodler::iconbethwaselectrocuted::iconwandgirl-41::iconthecherrychild: :iconthemastertrickster::iconmars--kun:

Oh hai c:Im The ultimate Lifeform....
Shadow: -walks in- Huh e.e
Me: ....UHHHHMMMM -blasts Shadow through door- e.e -walks away-

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What Vocaloid Are You?
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What Sonic-X Character Are You?
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What Kuroshitsuji Character Are You?
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Hetalia! What Country Are You?
Hetalia! What Country Are You?
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I Do Sonic Characters

Animal crossing

Adventure time and Regular show

Cartoon Drawings Of You

So yeah :P Thanks for coming to mah page ;D
....So uh.....You can leave nao c:
Not leaving eh?.....Fine
-throws Bomb at-
-it comes back to me- :iconohfuckplz:



blood on the dance floor photo: botdf blood-on-the-dance-floor.jpg
Stamp is Too Funny to Load by ptsluvsnfl Life by TheArtistDarklady Sonic Stamp by JRDN762 Arms the Fox stamp by JRDN762 Nipples the Enchilada stamp by JRDN762 Fluttershy yay Stamp by JRDN762 Flashing Naruto Uzumaki Stamp by FANGIE-CHAN Enderslime Lover Stamp by AccursedAsche Message to bullies by RanStamps Pewdiepie Stamp by HowlingKnight Support Stephano Stamp. by ChocoGumi :thumb283156266: Piplup Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps :thumb294392067: Sonic stamp by SonyaLS Stamp - Deviant Pride by MauserGirl I love my TABLET stamp by RRRAI
people allergy stamp - clean by tirsden stamp - don't judge a book... by Daeg-Niht Background Music by Skylark-93 Life needs... by Ishdakitty it mocks me by ajCorza Stamp - I love singing alone by BlueHunter Google stamp by teblad Stamp by TwiggyTeeluck eat flesh stamp by thechaosproject Open your Mind Stamp by quazo Opinion stamp by xAshleyMx Stamp: I'm not weird by Roxy317 Hypnose by Mr-Stamp Stamps Hates You by Foxxie-Chan .: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-KotMind Stamp by jenepoohi love my DS stamp by RRRAI Stamp Teleport by TheSaltyMonster Stamp: Butterfly! by TheSaltyMonsterI won't whine  . . . by Zyden i made you a stamp - black by neek-zique Role Play stamp by Zeronix Vocaloid Group Picture by azianwolfdoll 3D Stamp by LumiResources :thumb286238050: Stamp: Height Love by RottedStamps I heart feedback messages by Toxic-Pocky Hot Topic Is... by GorillazLover fav-ninja by CookiemagiK digital-artists stamp by CookiemagiK Wacom User :stamp: by AmblygonCosplay Stamp by PigeonMaestro -Reupload- MMD Creepypasta Gentleman Stamp by Toto-is-bored More beef plz by SparDangerSollux Love Stamp by wolfhey
Mambostuck John by SkaianAngel Mambostuck Dave by SkaianAngel Mambostuck Rose by SkaianAngel Mambostuck Jade by SkaianAngel
Mambostuck Karkat by SkaianAngel Mambostuck Aradia by SkaianAngel Mambostuck Tavros by SkaianAngel Mambostuck Sollux by SkaianAngel
Mambostuck Nepeta by SkaianAngel Mambostuck Kanaya by SkaianAngel Mambostuck Terezi by SkaianAngel Mambostuck Vriska by SkaianAngel
Mambostuck Equius by SkaianAngel Mambostuck Gamzee by SkaianAngel Mambostuck Eridan by SkaianAngel Mambostuck Feferi by SkaianAngel

Jumpscare by amosbeck
PewdiePie's A Bunny by Mysterious-Master-X
Pewdie And Maya being Pewdie And Maya by Mysterious-Master-X
PewDiePie Duck Sketch by Mysterious-Master-X

Pasta Monsters Stamp by Onslaught14


Please :iconfblikeplz: My please...! :)

im watcin u..... :iconcreepystareplz:

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Cartoony Look
Johnny Trancer! ::New OC:: :New Drawing Style!: by LockYourHeart
The Cartoony look.

Black Line Art - 5 Points

Colored Line Art - 10
Line Art
A line art of your character!
Flat Colored Line Art
Flat Colored Drawing
Full Shaded Drawing
A completed drawing of your character
An Additional Character
Another character added (Couples/Friends/Enemies )
Role Play Scenes
Scenes in a role play. Additional character counts if there is one!


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